Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Week 2016

Christmas is over and we had a very quiet, relaxing holiday. Christmas Eve we went out around 5:30 for a couple of cocktails and appetizers at Carrabbas. It was so nice. Then, our neighbor came over and we had a little spread we put out. The air conditioner was on and we lit a fire to make it cozy with the tree lights twinkling, haha. Only in the south!! It really was a lovely evening just sitting around and chatting and getting to know one another better. 

Christmas Day was a pleasant day. I got up early and made a breakfast casserole. After getting that in the oven, I prepared the dinner and put it in the slow cooker. By then my back was screaming so I had to sit and stay off my feet. My granddaughters called me and opened their gifts over the phone. They were very pleased with everything. It's getting harder at 14 and 15. 

After Ray got up and we ate our delicious breakfast, we put on such lovely music by a variety of artists. Soft, relaxing and a perfect way to spend the day. We opened our gifts and Ray puttered around with his art. I relaxed with a book. It just couldn't have been any better. After eating our wonderful Christmas dinner, his daughter and boyfriend came over for dessert. We had such a fun visit. She's a lovely girl at 19 and her sweetie is just that...a real sweetheart.

Our weather has been stellar for this holiday so yesterday I decided to take advantage of it because cooler temps are coming Friday and Saturday. My favorite place on earth is the beach. I crave it. It is my place to go for clearing out my mind and appreciating the beauty of nature here in sunny FLA. The sun on my face, the sound of the waves and it didn't take long before I fell asleep. I woke up after only a short while feeling energized. I highly recommend it to anyone that needs to clear out the cobwebs. Even in the cold weather, a visit to the beach can be beneficial.

And with that, I am now ready to face New Year's Eve. Not sure if we will do a repeat of Christmas Eve, but it doesn't matter. It's an end to a chapter in life and the start of a new one. I look forward to 2017 with anticipation and positivity.

Until next time, remember...


Friday, December 23, 2016

A Holiday Reminder To Us All


Until next time, remember...


Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Reminder To Us All

Why does a tragedy at Christmas time always seem to be worse? I mean, after all, it's still the same tragedy no matter what day or month it happens, right? Yet, when something terrible happens at Christmas it always hurts more.

My neighbors across the street have a daughter who's wedding was 4 weeks away. She and her fiance' lived nearby. The family was planning Christmas and a wedding at the same time. My neighbor's husband suffered a stroke last year and has been wheelchair bound but lately he's been working on taking steps so he could walk his daughter down the aisle.

The wife came to our door on Tuesday to say that the daughter's fiance' passed away the night before. He was 30 years old. He hadn't been feeling well and that night went to lay down and never awoke. I saw him the day that he passed while I was sitting outside. He didn't look good and I made mention of it to Ray, never expecting to hear that he passed away hours later.

So now the family's Christmas has been ruined. Imagine too, having to call all the invitees to the wedding and have to tell them the wedding is canceled because the groom-to-be passed away. The mother is canceling the venue, the flowers, etc. etc.

This news came as such a heartwrenching shock to us as we can feel the sadness and despair everytime we look across the street. It's just awful. If I could take that pain away from them I would in a second. It was the couple's first wedding each and they were so excited about it and so in love.

I don't question why did this have to happen. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, even if we might not know what exactly that reason is. We all have to die. It's part of living and life. We all have to face death. Yet it sometimes comes about at the worst time for those of us still living.

So I'm posting this reminder to all of us. Especially if we're with our loved ones this Christmas!!

Until next time, remember...


Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sunday Stealing 12/18/16

Since another week has passed and I've got nothing, here's my Sunday Stealing answers to 16 questions this week. Hope you join in at Sunday Stealing.

Sunday Stealing: The Here-to-Serve 16 Questions 

1. Which is worse? Being gossiped about or being lied to? I could care less what people say about me but I detest being lied to. There's no excuse.

2. What is your favorite "Starbucks" drink? Or if you have better taste, Dunkin’Donuts? Not a Starbucks fan but I do enjoy a plain black DD coffee!!

3. Name an embarrassing moment (Make it good). Getting accused of shoplifting when I was adjusting the suspender holding up my jeans when I was pregnant. Actually, the guy at the store was probably more embarassed when I lifted up my shirt to show him my big ol' belly!

4. Is it hard for you to ask some to forgive you when you have wronged them? I try to always be good topeople but I have never hesitated to ask if it was needed.

4. Who do you wish you could meet? My awesome blogging friend Diane in the UK. We chat, we skype but have never met in person. She's just awesome!

5. Best food comes from which country? France

6. Do you like small talk, or deep conversations? Both, but it depends on where I am and the person.

7. Who do you most want to encourage this year? A good person in my life that needs to stop drinking.

8. If those who know you best gave you one piece of advice, what would they say? Would they be right? What will you do about it? Move back to Connecticut. No they wouldn't be right. I am staying put in sunny, warm FLA!

9. How often do you get real sick? Rarely. 

10. Are you a person who has a whole lot of acquaintances, or just a few very close friends? Just a handful of good friends. 

11. If you could cure a disease, or heal a sickness, which one would you choose? Fibromyalgia. It's a real bitch!

12. What was your favorite book of 2016? There are so many books I've read I can't even remember the titles. Water for Elephants come to mind.

13. What was one of your biggest accomplishments in 2016? Getting a new car.

14. If you could be guaranteed a spot on the reality show "Survivor", would you go? Oh no. I am not a fan of reality shows at all.

15. Which is worse? Shopping for Jeans or a bathing suit? Bathing Suit

16. How old was your oldest living relative (still living or in the past)? [editor's note: I haven't got a clue as to what this question means either. That's why it's perfect...] 93 - my mother's mother. My mother is now almost 92. Amazing woman.

Until next time, remember...


Saturday, December 17, 2016

I'm Santa Claus

I saw this on a new blog I've followed, Sweet Memes and I had to share. I don't think it's such a bad thing to be Santa Claus. This pretty much sums me up!

You Are Santa Claus
You are a very worldly and cosmopolitan person. You are a realist, even though you try to remain optimistic.
You see people for who they are, and you are a good judge of character. It's easy for you to quickly tell if people are naughty or nice.

You do what you can to make the world a better place, but it can be hard and thankless work. But putting a smile on someone's face makes it all worth it.
You wish that more people had holiday spirit these days. All it takes is believing in the magic of the season!

Take the quiz. What Elf are you? Or are you a Santa?

Until next time, remember...


Monday, December 12, 2016

Sunday Stealing...on A Monday.

Since I have an issue with coming up with something to write about when I feel like I should  be writing, this looks like a good and fun way to meet new bloggers. So here goes!

Welcome back to Sunday Stealing which originated on WTIT: The Blog authored by Bud Weiser. Here we will steal all types of questions from every corner of the blogosphere. Our promise to you is that we will work hard to find the most interesting and intelligent questions. You may have heard the expression, “honor among thieves”. In that age-old tradition, we try to credit the blog that we stole it from. We also provide a link to the victim's meme in our "Previous Victims" widget. (It's our way of saying "Thanks!") Sometimes we edit the original meme, to make it more relevant to our global players, to challenge our playe rs, to select the best questions, or simply to make it less repetitive from recently asked questions from a previously post. 

Bouncing Billy & Bud Weiser November 2016
This space has become a bit like a Chuck Lorre vanity card. I usually tell you about the person that I stole the meme from, if I know it. But nowadays we have to use all sorts of question sites to find decent ones. But most of all of us started our blogs about 10 years ago. I’d say 75% of our blog friends left for Facebook. Which is weird because you can do both. And this gives us a place to vent without worrying about who will read it. OK, a bonus question to put at the end. I grew a beard. I stopped shaving when I got ill. It took four days just to figure out that I broke three discs in my neck. Anyway, my wife hates it. Since almost all of you are women, add this question: How do you feel about beards? No bonus points. I'm curious.
Sunday Stealing: The Bearded Questions

What is some of your favorite music?  Classic Rock, New Age, Classical Piano

List your three favorite scents. Lavender, Fresh Can of Coffee, Fresh Baked Bead

How do you ground yourself or recharge?  The Beach

Any ways you treat or spoil yourself?  The Beach

Besides your blog, do you have a creative past-time? The Beach

Share something difficult you've been through. Losing my husband of 23 years.

     What helps you fall asleep? New Age music playing in my ears while I read. I don't get far.

What is one strength and one weakness of yours? I am a great friend and listener but I will also speak my mind and sometimes that's not good.

Have you ever received a letter or written one to someone else? As a kid, I was pen-pals with someone.

What makes you feel powerful, what breathes life into you? The Beach

What's your favorite thing to do at night? Curl up in my comfy bed with a good book.

If you could go back to any era, what would they be? The 70s were pretty darned good!!

Your favorite things to wear at home? Not much.

If you could be immortal or have an extremely long life span which would you pick and why? I would NOT want to be immortal. If I live an extremely long life my hope is that I'm still able to think and talk for myself and go to the beach! 

Tell us about something positive you have done for yourself or someone recently. My elderly neighbor told me she hadn't been on a beach in probably 20 years. So I took her for a drive and stopped at the beach. We kicked our shoes off and walked in the sand into the ocean. It made her so happy which made me feel so good.
One thing you like about your appearance? My hair

     Something that makes you feel better after a hard day? An ice cold beer and a good movie.

If you have one, name a favorite book & movie. My favorite movie ever is The Great Outdoors with John Candy and Dan Aykroyd. I can watch it over and over and still cry from laughing so hard.

As for the beard,  Back in the 70's I thought beards were so sexy. Now that I'm older, I really only care for them if they are kept short and well groomed. I much prefer a goatee over a bear, but still neat.

Hope you enjoyed my post and my answers. Perhaps you'll like to join in and meet some new folks also.

Until next time, remember...


Saturday, December 3, 2016

Dirty Laundry

I don't know about you but the last six months of media frenzy for this presidential election have made me ill. Seriously, just sick to watch the bashing, mashing and lashing these news journalists and media ads have lowered themselves to. I thought maybe now that we've elected someone that it would subside but I'm not seeing it. Every day I turn on the news it's more bashing, criticizing and condemning and the man hasn't even gotten to the Oval Office yet. 

I was listening to some great tunes today and this one came up by Don Henley. Have you ever really listened to the lyrics? This is a very old song but boy it describes our media world today in a nutshell. You were ahead of your time on this one Don! 

BTW...I got to see him in concert about 13 years ago. Best concert EVER.  Hope you enjoy the little attachment here.

I make my living off the evening news
Just give me something-something I can use
People love it when you lose,
They love dirty laundry

Well, I coulda been an actor, but I wound up here
I just have to look good, I dont have to be clear
Come and whisper in my ear
Give us dirty laundry

Kick em when theyre up
Kick em when theyre down
Kick em when theyre up
Kick em when theyre down
Kick em when theyre up
Kick em when theyre down
Kick em when theyre up
Kick em all around

We got the bubble-headed-bleach-blonde who
Comes on at five
She can tell you bout the plane crash with a gleam
In her eye
Its interesting when people die-
Give us dirty laundry

Can we film the operation?

Is the head dead yet?
You know, the boys in the newsroom got a
Running bet
Get the widow on the set!
We need dirty laundry

You dont really need to find out whats going on
You dont really want to know just how far its gone
Just leave well enough alone
Eat your dirty laundry

Kick em when theyre up
Kick em when theyre down
Kick em when theyre up
Kick em when theyre down
Kick em when theyre up
Kick em when theyre down
Kick em when theyre stiff
Kick em all around

Dirty little secrets
Dirty little lies
We got our dirty little fingers in everybodys pie
We love to cut you down to size
We love dirty laundry

We can do the innuendo
We can dance and sing
When its said and done we havent told you a thing
We all know that crap is king
Give us dirty laundry!

Please tell me, do you agree with me on these lyrics and our media "crap" today?.

Until next time, remember...


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My Many Travels in 2016

Where did 2016 go to? Tomorrow is December 1st and I feel like the year just rushed on by. I started this blog and haven't had much time to write any posts!

It's been a very busy year for me as far as travel goes. I drove from Florida to the northeast  3 times in August, September and October. It was a bit rough for me with my physical issues; i.e. fibromyalgia and my knees and back but there was a need to do these trips.

I spent 2 weeks vacationing with my granddaughters in Connecticut. Then went on to Long Island to see the man's sister and brother-in-law. We made a pit stop in NYC to get up close to the new Freedom Tower.

Summer in Mystic, CT

The new Freedom Tower. 9/11 commemorated in NYC. 

We were home for just a couple of weeks when I got the call that my brother in Pennsylvania fell off his 2nd floor balcony and broke his neck. He was airlifted to Philadelphia and operated on the very next day. After 10 hours of surgery, the doctors said he would make a full recovery. They were in awe that he was not paralyzed. I got in my car and drove up to Philadelphia by myself and stayed for a week when he was sent home. I wanted to help out in any way that I could even if just being there to help him adjust pillows, get food/drink, just anything. He made such remarkable strides that first week that I was able to leave and return home. Six weeks later he made a full recovery!!

Philadelphia. The City of Brotherly Love

After driving home from there and seriously feeling the fatigue, I was just getting back to a normal routine when my neighbor asked me if I wanted to join her on a road trip to Connecticut. That would mean that I could see my girls and my son again. That's a huge bonus for me so I threw my suitcase together again and we hit the road two days later. It was a great trip and I'm glad I did it. I was able to surprise my granddaughter's by hiding on them when they opened up the door. The shock and smiles on their faces was worth every ache and pain I felt.  The weather turned really cold up there and we even had snow in October so my when I say I ached...believe me I was hurting. The treat though was getting to see the change of autumn colors which I haven't seen in quite a few years, so that was so much appreciated. After 10 days away we returned home.

New England at it's best in autumn

Connecticut is truly a beautiful state.

View from on top of a mountain in CT. Gorgeous foliage.

I've been experiencing some new and quite bothersome nerve pain in my lower back, hips and thighs so I have to see the neurologist about that but overall, I'm so grateful I was able to do all this traveling. I'm paying the piper now but oh well!!

Thanksgiving has just passed and we hosted the man's daughter and boyfriend. It was so enjoyable but the prep work I did with all the food left me having to take Vicodin before 10 a.m. I don't know if I could do all that work again. We'll see but this much to be thankful for!

Two days after a big turkey dinner, we were working for two days at his art show. I just sat there and chatted up the customers and he has a huge following so lots of introductions were made. I seriously was exhausted and completely lost a day on Monday as I was in a fog all that day. All in all it was worth it when he was awarded Best Painting for his body of work on display. So proud of him.

Busy Booth for the Art Show

His talent and hard work paid off!

So there it is. My last few months in a nutshell. Are you tired yet?

Have you done any traveling this year?

Until next time, remember...


Monday, November 21, 2016

Why? Oh Why?

As I sit here writing this post, the cold weather is making my arthritis hurt and my fingers are so stiff. Having Fibromyalgia, RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) and Raynauds Syndrome is not good when it's cold out.

I had three blankets on me last night. Well, most of the night, after having to wrestle them back onto my side of the bed. My feet were so cold and my hips were aching so I kept flipping from side to side. I can't sleep on my back because of my arthritic neck. So, needless to say, I'm cold. And it's only November.

But why am I writing this post?  To complain about my aches and pains? No. To complain about sleeping with a blanket hog? No.

I'm writing this post to complain because it's FREAKIN' COLD IN FLORIDA and the other day I was laying out on the STINKIN' BEACH!

Is it cold where you are? Where are you?

Until next time, remember...


Saturday, October 29, 2016

Last Glimpse Of Fall Foliage in New England

This week, my neighbor invited me to go on a road trip with her to Connecticut. Since my granddaughter's and my son live there, I jumped at the opportunity.

We hoped that we could get to see the foliage before it all fell but it was on it's way out. Still got some pretty colors while visiting a state park and a castle way up on a mountain. Thought I'd share them here for those of you who have not seen them on Instagram or Facebook. Enjoy!

Until next time, remember...


Monday, October 17, 2016

Hurricane Matthew Cleanup With a Twist

As most of you probably know by now (and if you don't, you live in a fishbowl) Hurricane Matthew brought a lot of damage and destruction to the central and northern east coast of Florida. I live right there and for the first time ever, I evacuated for safety from a hurricane. It was probably the scariest and most stressful time of my life. 

While not being there was a good thing, not being there was also a bad thing. Not knowing what was happening to your house and property while the weather people were showing all the rain, wind and debris blowing down, all you could do was worry. Then you finally get to come home and you see nothing but trees down, crushed roofs, cars and downed power lines everywhere, you realize just how lucky you were that you're still alive to talk about it.

Then it's time to clean up! It's no easy task. Most of the people in these hard hit areas are senior citizens. They can't physically clean it up by themselves. I myself, having phsyical limitations from fibromyalgia, RA and bad knees was unable to help. There are people who will do it for you for a fee but not everyone can afford that. Waiting for insurance claims to go through will take forever. It's just an awful situation. 

While Ray is not afraid of hard, physical work, still, he is not a kid anymore. So little by little he cut up the fence we lost. He grabbed and dragged branches on a cart to the street for clean up but it was slow going for one person. We still had a neighbors big tree fall and many of the big limbs were on our side and for safety reasons we couldn't get to that area.

Sunday morning there were a bunch of vehicles lined up in front of our other neighbor's house and group of people in yellow t-shirts were out there getting the trees off of their roof and cleaning up debris. Ray went out to see what was going on because nothing gets by my New Yorker! Come to find out, these people were from Fort Piece, which is nowhere near us at all. They were volunteers from a church who came up to assist people that needed help cleaning up. 

SCORE!! When they were finished over there, they came right over to help clean up our mess with chainsaws and many helping hands. Next thing we knew, they were packing up to leave and our mess was gone. We certainly didn't have any volunteers from churches around here helping out!! These folks were friendly and really focused on doing a good job. They wouldn't take any money. Told us if we wanted to make an online donation we could but it wasn't necessary. We were really presented with a gift yesterday. One that was extremely appreciated in many ways.

This was the pile that Ray had done by himself.

This group just dug their heels in. Ray is in the green shirt. He worked right along with them!

The big monster tree being cut up with a vengance

Stepping back to look at the situation

Such an awesome and friendly group.

A group photo with Ray.

The pile after they got finished. It looks small but it's mountainous!

I'm not a religious, church going person however, I am very spiritual. I believe things happen for a reason and these good folks crossed our life path for a very good one.

Until next time, remember...


Hugs and love, BB

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Reflections of My Roots

It doesn't matter where you hang your hat. It will be home wherever you make it. However, my roots are in New Jersey and I'll forever be a Jersey Girl.

The Urban Dictionary gives the following definition of a Jersey Girl.

"The Jersey girl..a love of an unpretentious good time, and a certain sense of style. Jersey girls are about attitude. They're about eating pizza, drinking beer, having great hair - and enjoying it all..She's got a mouth on her. She says what she means. And she's got a nice, cheerful laugh..Bottom line, all of them are sexy as hell." -The Star Ledger
Everyone loves a Jersey Girl.

I'd have to say this one is pretty accurate. I'm proud of where I grew up. I'm pretty proud of my strong personality. I'm still true to myself at this stage of my life.  

I've lived in many places. Different states, different towns, different houses. It didn't matter. I've always made my home wherever I've roamed but I'll always have Jersey in my heart.

Until next time, just remember...


Where are your roots? Would love to know.