Saturday, October 29, 2016

Last Glimpse Of Fall Foliage in New England

This week, my neighbor invited me to go on a road trip with her to Connecticut. Since my granddaughter's and my son live there, I jumped at the opportunity.

We hoped that we could get to see the foliage before it all fell but it was on it's way out. Still got some pretty colors while visiting a state park and a castle way up on a mountain. Thought I'd share them here for those of you who have not seen them on Instagram or Facebook. Enjoy!

Until next time, remember...


Monday, October 17, 2016

Hurricane Matthew Cleanup With a Twist

As most of you probably know by now (and if you don't, you live in a fishbowl) Hurricane Matthew brought a lot of damage and destruction to the central and northern east coast of Florida. I live right there and for the first time ever, I evacuated for safety from a hurricane. It was probably the scariest and most stressful time of my life. 

While not being there was a good thing, not being there was also a bad thing. Not knowing what was happening to your house and property while the weather people were showing all the rain, wind and debris blowing down, all you could do was worry. Then you finally get to come home and you see nothing but trees down, crushed roofs, cars and downed power lines everywhere, you realize just how lucky you were that you're still alive to talk about it.

Then it's time to clean up! It's no easy task. Most of the people in these hard hit areas are senior citizens. They can't physically clean it up by themselves. I myself, having phsyical limitations from fibromyalgia, RA and bad knees was unable to help. There are people who will do it for you for a fee but not everyone can afford that. Waiting for insurance claims to go through will take forever. It's just an awful situation. 

While Ray is not afraid of hard, physical work, still, he is not a kid anymore. So little by little he cut up the fence we lost. He grabbed and dragged branches on a cart to the street for clean up but it was slow going for one person. We still had a neighbors big tree fall and many of the big limbs were on our side and for safety reasons we couldn't get to that area.

Sunday morning there were a bunch of vehicles lined up in front of our other neighbor's house and group of people in yellow t-shirts were out there getting the trees off of their roof and cleaning up debris. Ray went out to see what was going on because nothing gets by my New Yorker! Come to find out, these people were from Fort Piece, which is nowhere near us at all. They were volunteers from a church who came up to assist people that needed help cleaning up. 

SCORE!! When they were finished over there, they came right over to help clean up our mess with chainsaws and many helping hands. Next thing we knew, they were packing up to leave and our mess was gone. We certainly didn't have any volunteers from churches around here helping out!! These folks were friendly and really focused on doing a good job. They wouldn't take any money. Told us if we wanted to make an online donation we could but it wasn't necessary. We were really presented with a gift yesterday. One that was extremely appreciated in many ways.

This was the pile that Ray had done by himself.

This group just dug their heels in. Ray is in the green shirt. He worked right along with them!

The big monster tree being cut up with a vengance

Stepping back to look at the situation

Such an awesome and friendly group.

A group photo with Ray.

The pile after they got finished. It looks small but it's mountainous!

I'm not a religious, church going person however, I am very spiritual. I believe things happen for a reason and these good folks crossed our life path for a very good one.

Until next time, remember...


Hugs and love, BB

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Reflections of My Roots

It doesn't matter where you hang your hat. It will be home wherever you make it. However, my roots are in New Jersey and I'll forever be a Jersey Girl.

The Urban Dictionary gives the following definition of a Jersey Girl.

"The Jersey girl..a love of an unpretentious good time, and a certain sense of style. Jersey girls are about attitude. They're about eating pizza, drinking beer, having great hair - and enjoying it all..She's got a mouth on her. She says what she means. And she's got a nice, cheerful laugh..Bottom line, all of them are sexy as hell." -The Star Ledger
Everyone loves a Jersey Girl.

I'd have to say this one is pretty accurate. I'm proud of where I grew up. I'm pretty proud of my strong personality. I'm still true to myself at this stage of my life.  

I've lived in many places. Different states, different towns, different houses. It didn't matter. I've always made my home wherever I've roamed but I'll always have Jersey in my heart.

Until next time, just remember...


Where are your roots? Would love to know.