Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday Stealing 2/5/2017 and Super Bowl 2017

Tomorrow, the New England Patriots will be winning the Super Bowl, so I decided to get this post done early and answer these questions ahead of time. I have to watch the G-O-A-T, Tom Brady win his fifth ring.  So many people love to hate him, the Patriots and Bill Belichick but you really can't take their talent and ability away from them.

Sunday Stealing: The Racquet Questions 

01  What is the worst nickname that anyone has ever called you? When I was in junior high, the boys called me "Flatsy" because I had no chest. If only they could see me now..Lol. 

02  Have you got a favorite flower?
Bird of Paradise

03  Do you add a sauce, ketchup or other artificial flavorings to your food?
If it's necessary, of course.

04  Describe yourself using only words that begin with the letter 'T'.
True, talented, tall,thankful. 

05  What is/was your lover's pet name for you?
Honey, Sweetie, Babs

06  What is your least favorite color?

07  Who did you vote for in the last election, and did they win?
Yes they did!

08  What is/was your grandfathers’ names?
Bernard and Leo

09  What is the best present you ever received?
My beautiful son, 35 years ago. 

10  What is 17 1/2% of 97 + 42 x (6 / 2) – 137 ? [Editor's note: Holy shit!]
Does anyone care?

11  What would be the best possible way you could die?
Doing something I love and instantly. 

12  Given the choice of absolutely anything, what would be your dream job?
A professional resort reviewer. 

13  What position do you sleep in at night?
When I do sleep, it's on my sides. I can't sleep on my back because I get headaches.

14  What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?
Recently, I met someone at an art show that I was sure I met the previous year. I asked her how her daughter was and she just looked at me and said, "my daughter is dead". I was sure I'd spoken to her the previous year about her daughter's art ability. Turns out that was her look alike sister that I met. I was pretty embarrassed.

15  Who is your favorite fictional character?
Pip in Great Expectations. 

16  What food do you hate most in the world?

17  When was the last time you were ill?
It's been quite awhile since I've had a cold or flu. I'm ill from fibromyalgia every day.

18  If you were transformed into a wild creature, what would it be?
A beautiful, majestic horse.

19  What was your favorite toy as a child, and whatever happened to it?
It was a doll that I got for Christmas when I was four. I still have it, minus half the hair and the music box inside doesn't work.

20  What's the most amazing thing you've ever seen?
The birth of both my granddaughters. There are no words to describe that feeling. 

Will you be watching the Super Bowl? Who's your team?

Until next time, remember...



  1. Flatsy? Gawd...jr high boys are awful creatures.
    As for #7, we are a minority around here, girl!
    Lastly, as a die-hard Steelers fan I just have to say...GO ATLANTA! LOL

    1. Thanks Stacy! We sure are a minority aren't we? That's ok. We're still in the White HOuse aren't we? Lol

  2. Lots of interesting ones this time! I love calla lilies, any sauce except Alfredo, my dream job would be pouring wine at a winery in Napa, and I haven't been sick since 2011. Woot!

  3. I think it is sweet that you still have your doll. It is a shame that we are taught to toss out our childhoods.

    1. I sure is. I'll have to dig out my doll and post a picture one of these days.

  4. These are always fun to read. And #14...oh yeah, slightly embarrassing. But you didn't do it on purpose!

    1. Hi Martha. No it wasn't on purpose and they looked so much alike. She knew right away what happened.

  5. Hey, I'm a "Great Expectations" fan too. I think it's Dickens' best novel.

  6. Frankly, I wish a few other teams had a chance to win the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, teams like the Pats and Steelers know what they are doing. DeBartolo-Walsh 49ers did too. You can only get so upset when everyone else continues to prove themselves lesser geniuses. Still, I hope Atlanta brings home their FIRST. #1 is hard to believe, lol!

    1. There are a lot of folks who agree with you about football. As for #1, you can believe it.

  7. Personal resort reviewer sounds like a fabulous dream job.
    Have a good one, jerseygirl.

    1. Thanks Zippi. Wouldn't that be an awesome job? I could do that. In my dreams!

  8. Replies
    1. Hi Kwizgiver. It's a good color for a lot of people. I just realized that I have nothing brown in my wardrobe so it must be my least favorite ;-)

  9. I am NOT a Patriots fan. Never have been, never will be. However, I do not hate them. I HATE Matt Ryan. So I shall pull for your Patriots today. Wholeheartedly. :) I would have answered similarly on several of your questions and you, as usual, had me cracking up on some of them! Love you, lady! Go Pats!

    1. Go Pats is right! We do have so much in common don't we? Including a great sense of humor!! <3

  10. Well what to say great answers of course, I saw Leo be born and it was amazing and something that will stay with me for years to come if not my whole life.

    1. Isn't it just the greatest gift you could get? It sure was for me.


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